Metallicat kittens pre 2016

See what kitten owners say about our kittens in their new homes

14.04 Sam&Morgan

Metallicat Black Sam, aka Dusty, and Metallicat silver Morgan, aka Turbo, now live with Holly and family in Surrey.


After a week "The boys have really settled in now and are totally relaxed and are loving cuddles. They are such beautiful cats with really genuine temperaments. Thank you so much for giving them such a good start in a family home."


After 2 weeks "Everyone comments on what amazing temperaments they have. They are so relaxed, esp with the kids."


After 7 months "They LOVE the garden. It's really been the making of them. They are very good at coming in for the evening or at any time you call them really.
They are beautiful temperaments. They always want to be where you are (unless on a garden discovery!)
They both sit next to the shower when I shower, then sit on the window sill whilst I do my makeup!
If we are in the garden, they are like puppies, following us everywhere, bounding through the grass!"

At 10 months old "Both very cute and loveable. They are real people cats and always want to be where we are."



Trinity & Mouse_here

Metallicat Silver Trinity and Metallicat Silver Mouse now live with Chantelle and Dean on Guernsey.

After 1 day: "The girls have settled in really well. They are playing and eating well, with a good combination of hilarious kitten antics!."


After a week:"The girls are doing really well. They've settled in so well and I now can't imagine life without them!"


At 6 months: "The girls are doing really well, growing fast now. Continuing to eat and play really well! They are definitely fish lovers!"

Trinity & Mouse-2

Metallicat Silver Julius, aka Jules, now lives with Alex in Kent.


After 1 week "He's in, on or under everything. Everyone that comes round to my flat falls in love with him...its all about Julius ūüôā


After 8 months "Jules has got lots of character and really cuddly and friendly. He's still got his lovely little face and he's also kept his lovely marking. Everyone falls in love with him when they come to my place...its all about Jules! "


After 1 year 2 months "In the morning when Im having a cup of tea he stands up and puts his paws on my thigh. He then gently taps me on the arm until I stroke him. When I stop he does it again. He does this four or five times. Only in the morning, every morning. Very sweet."

Metallicat Silver Oswald, aka Theo with Angela, Karl and family in Kent.

After 3 weeks "Theo is doing really well, settling in with us all. He is very energetic, loves jumping and being up high, has loads of energy and really playful.

He uses his litter tray well, eats well, although not so keen on dry biscuits.

He is very affectionate and cuddles up to us all at night time. Everyone loves him when they see him, such a 'pretty boy'. He is very inquisitive, and always trying to get in my cupboards and under our bed. The kids adore him"

At one year old "When I come home from work he hears my car pull up and gallops like a dog across to greet me. He is very much like a dog. He is very inquisitive and into everything, he's quite brazen and not frightened of anything, he even torments our neighbours dog and aggravates the neighbours parrot by staring at him from the window! He's so cheeky.

He is a great cat and both our kids show him so much affection, although Anais did mention one morning that he came in her bedroom during the night and virtually sat on her head and fell asleep, but she loves it!"

edit: Sadly I latterly learned that Theo lost his life crossing the road at just over a year of age. It is his images you see on this website which his owner Angela Kempster kindly allowed us to use. It is his tribute.


Metallicat Silver Selina, aka Mopsie, and Metallicat Silver Joker, aka Garras, now living with Richard, Elisa and family in Blackheath.


After 2 days "All seems to be going well and smoothly. On arrival home last night we let them explore at their own pace. I must say that they didn't try and hide but slowly looked around the room.

To use our names Mopsie (Selina) and Garras (Joker) are settling in quickly. They had supper and a late meal eating a can of Applaws between them. Both have been playing well with us and between themselves. The litter tray was found by them and is being used without us having to do anything.

They appear to be two very well brought up young kittens but bursting with energy!"


At 9 months: "Garras and Mopsie are growing quickly. They are still very playful. They feel v much part of the family."

07.07 Heather_thumb

Metallicat Silver Heather, aka Marnie, now lives with Elizabeth, Gordon and family in Middlesex.


"I just wanted to let you know that Marnie (Heather) has settled in brilliantly and we all absolutely love her. She has grown a lot, eats really well. She's such good fun/company and so affectionate. She always comes to the door to greet us."


"Many hours are spent playing with her when I should really be doing other things - She has a lovely nature, so affectionate and is a real credit to you. She has her mad minutes when she tears up and down the stairs followed by what I call her floppy cat moments when she just wants a lap. She wakes us up with kisses and head butts every morning about 5 minutes before the alarm goes off, but I wish she knew about weekends!"


Marnie is a lovely girl, so affectionate and she has certainly earned her keep. Thank you so much, she's beautiful. "


At 3 years old "Marnie's still our gorgeous girl, absolutely perfect personality and beautiful too!"

Sexton 26@6wks_thumb

Metallicat Silver Sexton, aka Kitkat now lives with Josephine, Freddie and family in California, USA.


"Sexton is settling down really fine. He immediately got on fine with all of us as and with my daughter and the 2 year old as well. He's really playful and always looking for someone to play with him. My sis said he's a people cat."


After 5 months: "He's doing really well and settling down nicely. He loves to play a lot and much prefer to play with us than alone. My daughter loves dressing up as a cat and plays together with him. He enjoys playing with her. He's also very chatty, making sure we're paying attention to him. All of us at home loves him to bits. He's so adorable."

10.01 Sexton2 ad

Champion Metallicat Silver Hero, aka Hero now lives with Claire and family in Bedfordshire.


"Having a new cat is really like being the mother of a new baby isn't it?! Hero has been so playful and gorgeous."


"We have had an amazing week, as you said Hero is such a good girl. We started to introduce her to Lily (our other cat) on day 2 because they both seemed quite calm when they heard each other (in next door rooms), there was the expected hissing, but not too much & Hero allowed Lily to be in control. Now there is barely a hiss between them!"


"She is so funny - her fav games are chasing a ping pong ball & carrying her 'snake on a stick' around the house - we have to hide it at bedtime else she keeps us awake dragging it around as her prey!!"

Hero 38_thumb
13.03 Hero2
07.08 Portia_thumb

Metallicat Silver Portia, aka Pepper now lives with Danielle and Chris in Kent.


"Pepper is still very much the little Princess, sitting demurely with pensive face! an absolute delight."


"Pepper is at her best at bedtime when she likes to cuddle up for strokes and love and some mutual grooming (licking our elbows!)


She is absolutely superb and complete entertainment from the minute she wakes to the time she slumps down exhausted from chasing, scratching, catching, jumping, purring, fetching etc!!!
Thanks Helen and family."


After 2 half years: "Still playful and affectionate, with big appetites for tuna (but only on a special occasion!)"


Metallicat Silver Shadow, aka Tuffy now lives with Margaret and Stephen in East Sussex.

"Tuffy has settled in very well and everyone adores him. He has completely taken over the house with toys and his visitors !! He has dawn and dusk mad moments when we call him "The Mighty Atom" but he has a new game of retrieving a soft ball which saves our legs ! "


After 7 months "He still retains a very attractive mischievous nature which has included falling into a bath, climbing oak trees, and sitting for hours on the sink asking for the tap to be turned so that he can watch it dripping and take the occasional drink."


He is very friendly to all visitors young and old and is especially partial to licking their hair !
He has a purr the volume of a traction engine and will purr at the slightest opportunity."

Shadow 64_thumb
Shadow at 6months_thumb
Tank & Dozer_with boy

Metallicat Silver Tank, aka Milo, & Metallicat Silver Dozer, aka Chester, now live with Becky, Andy and family in the Isle of Man.


After 1 day: "The long trip back home went really well, the boys did cry occasionally but they were really good with no mess! They are happily running around the house appear to be settling in really well, eating, sleeping and playing together, we are enjoying watching them. They are wonderful kittens. "


At 1 year old: "The boys are  great and lived up to all my expectations. Milo is so gentle and affectionate, always running up to us. Chester is becoming more affectionate and likes to climb me! They are both still very close and spend a lot of time grooming each other, sleeping and playing together. I'm so glad we got two of them, they are inseparable.


No matter where they are in the house, all you have to do is call and they run to me, so cute!"


Metallicat Silver Augustus, aka Gus, lives with Anita and Alan in Kent.


After 1 day: "Gus slept well last night, he is now exploring his new surroundings again,  he loves his cuddles. fell asleep on my lap last night ..I just love his little purr, and we have found he has a really soft spot on his belly, his little back leg twitches when we tickle his belly, so cute."

After 2 weeks: "We're all having lots of fun with him .. he's quite a character. .. enthusiastic and loving."

At 8 months old: "Gus is growing into a huge boy, he has been neutered now. He still loves his food, albeit a little to much
he is quite a character, loving to play hide and seek, and when you creep up on him , he fluffs up to about 4 times his size.. his tail almost looking like a raccoon."

Hermes& lolipop_here
Herrmes & Lolipop_new_home

Metallicat Silver Hermes, aka George, and Metallicat Silver Lolipop, aka Lottie now live with Karen, Mike and other family cats.


After 1 day: "Hooligans having a nap. All settled in.  Already exploring entire downstairs of house. Met all cats under supervision. Mates already with my older cat who is now lying on my lap with George next to him."


After a month: "They look really well and are eating well. I have to say that they are completely mad. We don't need a tv, they keep us entertained!

Lottie still wags her tail in greeting and is so sweet. George has to be in prime position on my lap and even sits underneath his uncle Harry and Beannie.

We are so glad we had 2 because they just have such fun together. When they are not playing or sleeping they are following me around the house! Love them to bits. "


At 8 months: "George is a very sweet loving boy and Lottie is a hilarious fun loving sweet girl.
Lottie has turned out to be the mad one and George the more sensible. "