Kittens of 2017

See what new kitten owners say about our kittens.

Indigo kitten1
tabby kitten
tabby kitten

Metallicat Silver Silence and Metallicat Silver Indigo now live with Blake and Cathal in London.

After 3 days "Silence [tabby kitten] is doing well. He enjoys his food and likes pretty well everything you put down for him"

After 2 weeks "They get along well. She [Indigo, spotted kitten] is holding her own and they do play together for hours. She is beautiful! "

After a month "He is solid and they do like a good play. She has him on speed and climbing skill."


After 2 months "The cats are a complete pleasure. They very much have fun and amazing personalities and cannot be more happy with how they have settled."

Silence & Indigo at 7mths
Indigo at 7mths
Harli kitten1
Harli 11 mths

Metallicat Silver Harli now lives with Suzanne and Tony in Kent.

When she arrived home the same day  "Harli is busy exploring, one room at the moment, she's a bold little thing and has already had some lunch... I think a little sleep will be next."

After 1 day " Harli is bright and sparkly, eating , playing and bonding with us...she kept sitting at our feet so we gave her a chair ! "

After a week "Harli is doing really well and has bonded with us. She is also being slowly introduced to our adult cats, with no problems so far."

After 2 months "She's a treasure"

At 8 months old "Harley eats everything in sight. !I'm going to have to start feeding her separately from the others. 🙂 "

Harli 10 mths1
Chitchat at 10 weeks
Secret at 10 weeks

Metallicat Silver Chitchat and Metallicat Silver Secret now living with Fiona and James in London.


After 1 day "They seem very relaxed in their new home this morning. Both have eaten well and used the litter tray with no problems. They are now keeping me good company on the sofa."


See photo bottom right


Chitchat at 4 months
Chatchat and Secret in new home
Yaketysax at 6 weeks
Yaketysax at 10 weeks

Metallicat Silver Yaketysax aka Kobe now lives with Angela, Karl and family in Kent.

After 2 months: "Kobe settled in extremely well and no problems at all,he is a very handsome boy ! He has bonded with both the kids, they are always cuddling him and he sits on my son's lap on the PlayStation.

A very friendly, loving boy with lots of energy."

At 10 months old "Kobe is doing really well and just so gorgeous... he looks like his mum to me."

Yaketysax at 5 months
Yaketysax at 10 months