Kittens of 2016

See what kitten owners said about our kittens.


Metallicat Silver Danny, aka Loki, & Metallicat Silver Sammo, aka Rupert, now live with Ruby and Ben in Kent.


After 1 day: "Both boys are doing really great and settled really well!! They never let themselves get too far away from one another. They don't want to be apart"


After a month: "The boys are doing amazingly! They are so happy together and growing quickly!! They are inseparable and play all the time. They are a very much loved part of our family!!"


After 9 months: "We are so pleased with them. They are so loving and such wonderful temeraments. Such a wonderful addition to our family! When cousin's son comes to visit, they are so gentle with him. They have such kind natures. I would trust them 100% with children."

IMG-20160703-Breeze kitten

Metallicat Silver Breeze, aka Breeze, lives with Sarah and family in Nottinghamshire.


Later on day of pick up: "We are home and safe, Breeze is settled and has eaten and now playing. Thank you for entrusting us with her."


After 1 week: To my comment that after viewing photos she seems to have grown, "I'm not surprised she eats loads LOL, yes she is beautiful and a very sweet purr baby."

IMG-20161113-Breeze adult

Metallicat Silver Yoyeoh, aka Yoyeoh, now lives with Lauren, Steve and family in West Sussex.


After 1 day: "Just to say Yoyeoh is settling in very well to her new home. She is very happy purring all the time. My son absolutely loves her to bits and she follows him round the house. This is my first time I have left her today but Steve is home so she is not on her own. "


After 3 months: "Yoyeoh is well and growing into a beautiful cat. She is friendly and happy. She loves people. We went away for a few days at Christmas and my neighbour looked after her. They have an older cat of 21 and yoyeoh insisted in playing with him. They totally loved her and think they will be contacting you in the future ! "

Yoyeoh adult
IMG-20160710-Miranda kitten
IMG-20160710-Timon kitten
IMG-20170212-Miranda-Timon adult

Metallicat Silver Miranda, aka Harley, and Metallicat Silver Timon, aka Loki, now live with Vicki and family in North London.

On first day in new home: "Loki very happy playing. Harley hid under the sofa for about an hour but now investigating the house."


After 4 days:"The kittens are now very settled. They are so sweet and clearly very good friends. We are all besotted with them and I think they like us a bit too.They have such sweet natures and are already a firm part of the family."


At 10 months: "The kittens are both fabulous happy kitties with gorgeous personalities. They still get on beautifully together."


After 1 year: "Loki and Harley are such a firm part of our family.
Both cats sleep on my eldest daughter's bed every night, we're going to get her a double bed so that she can have room to move!
Harley loves to have her tummy rubbed and will lie there for ages while you tickle her. Loki comes up to my room every morning and lies next to my bed on the floor waiting for me to wake up then he runs over and starts purring.
Harley and Loki adore being outside in our secure, netted garden. Both cats have the sweetest natures and fit into our family purrfectly."

Metallicat Silver Tempest aka Monty now lives with Silvy, Aaron & new best friend Marley the Siberian cat in Wiltshire.

On first day in new home: "The journey home went really well. Tempest is settling in well."

After 2 days:"Tempest has already made friends with our resident cat Marley. Tempest doesn't understand why the big hairy giant doesn't want to keep playing forever."

After a month: "He gets on like a house on fire with our other cat Marley. Marley has been teaching him it is more fun to drink from a tap than from a water bowl...."

After 6 weeks: "He is very sweet natured and very loving. From the moment we brought him home he wants to be with us. When we go to bed he is on the bed waiting for us and then just purrs away."

After a year: "Monty has the sweetest and gentle character. He is a sucker for a good ol' tummy rub, which makes him purr thunderously.

As a kitten he quickly made friends with our big resident Siberian cat, Marley. They are like two peas in a pod: where there is one, the other will follow.

Monty loves to shadow us around the house. Nothing fazes him. When we are hoovering he is only inches away, making sure the job gets done properly 😉

He really is an endless source of joy, cuddles & laughs, a loyal friend to Marley, and has become an integral part of our family."

IMG-20160718-Tempest kittenx
IMG-20170725-Tempest adult